India is one of the fastest growing ECONOMY in the world. There are ample opportunities in diversified fields. We provides support to the Global Entrepreneur who are dreaming of a project in India. We implement your concepts as per your requirement, we will assist you in setting up a company in India as per your requirements. There after finding a suitable land according to the industry as per the environmental policy of government of India and its States policies.

Further as per the need we shall also help you in obtaining all the necessary permission from the concern department of the States & Central government of India.

Services We Provides :


Project Conceptualisation.

The Foundation Towards Growth

Project conceptualization involves identifying opportunities ,analyzing its feasibility and assessing its financial viability in both micro and macro perspective. All our recommendations are based on Experienced research and understanding of the existing and long term market scenario. Our Dynamic, Dedicated and Experienced team with adequate understanding of the Industry/Sector and the Geographical Location of the project get involved in the Project conceptualization stage.


To create a concept for our clients that meets their unique Demands and Needs, we leverage our expertise in the following aspects :
Project or unit subsidies and fiscal benefits
Land acquisition process and legalities
Creating plans that make optimum use of available land
Cost-effective construction
Property markets
Legal and regulatory analysis of land
Statutory advice on Government policies
Location Analysis
Financial Analysis
Fiscal and value addition

Many a times, clients have Investments for a particular sector, but they are uncertain about the kind of project to initiate, in order to yield the maximum return on their investment. In such a scenario, a Best Use Study suggests the optimum way to utilize the Geographical Potential in accordance with Central and State government policies.
Such a study typically entails conceptualizing a project by analyzing the regulatory environment and market scenario, preparing a land use plan, proposing a product mix, and forecasting key financial benefits that can accrue to the client.
This gives our clients the confidence and direction in formulating appropriate business strategies. It is typically required by promoters, and equity investors, while making investment decisions.

Land Consultancy & Acquisition.

Simplifying The Complication

Every aspect pertaining to land namely, the environment, surroundings, central and state government policies, geography, location, future plans, etc. have to be considered before designing the appropriate use for it and thereby accessing its true potential. A wide network across the Brokers, the Facilitators and the Farmers allows MAK to provide immaculate on-ground services. It also helped us achieve a solid track record in acquiring the most difficult classes of land. We pride ourselves on our proficiency in getting a 100% marketable land title in every clients’ name despite India’s complicated land laws.


Facilitator Agreement
Project Boundary and Location Demarcation
Index-II / Land Title Search Report
Final Report with Strategy for Land Acquisition
Facilitation with Buyer
Price Fixation and Finalisation of Terms
Documents and Permissions for Title Clearance
TILR Survey and Gut Map
Documents Adjudication and Stamping
Registration and Notarization
Transfer of Name on 7/12
Unit Documentation for Plots, Warehousing Plinth land, Factory Buildings & Industrial Galas
Pre & Post Registration Documentation
Registration & Notarization
Land Litigation Management
Property Documentation & Registration
Document Drafting & Execution
Evaluation Report of Proposed Site

Development Approvals.

Turning Vision Into Reality

Acquiring development approvals is the first significant step towards making a project happen. With an in-depth understanding of development control rules and its best practices, MAK is able to ensure that projects get the necessary approvals and are one step closer to becoming a reality. We provide the necessary support in obtaining development approvals from the local authorities, State and Central Governments.


Purchase permission solution
Zone change and DCR amendment
Purchase of Govt. land, roads, adivasi land, private forest land
Tenancy approvals
Environmental Clearances
NA permission
Plan Approvals MIDC, T.P., M.C.
Incentive and Location Clearances
Power Supply Approvals
Water Supply Approvals
Other NOC
Land Record Procurement

Design Studio.

Innovative Creation MAKes Differentiation

Innovation is the key in designing cost-effective projects that are unique, Exclusive and world class. With a Dedicated team MAK is able to devise cutting-edge solutions that are created with a detailed understanding of every project, its unique needs, Demand and functional specifications. We take into account location and contour of land, type of project, topography, surrounding development, physical environment and possibility of accommodating the latest technological advances, etc. in order to create projects that challenge set paradigms.


Concept-to-Complete Design Services:
•Master Planning
•Landscape Design
•Infrastructure Design
•Architectural Design

Other Services:
•Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Fighting (MEPF) Design (external and internal)
•Structural Design
•Presentation Drawings and Modelling
•Environmental Drawings
•Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning - HVAC design
•Approval Drawings
•Detail Project Report Drawings

Engineering & Development.

The Power to Change

Detailed engineering is significant to create viable projects that meet complex needs and demands and thereby transform the Company. Our engineering team persistently develops each aspect of the project with immaculate efficiency as per business operational needs. We offer resolution to every aspect of the project creation with adherence to quality, specifications, material and design, ensuring compliance to timelines and cost-efficiencies.


•Checking Feasibility of the Project and Preliminary Budgets
•Vendors, Contractors Empanelment
•Project Budgeting, Costing and Monitoring
•BOQ, Value Engineering, pre and post Tendering, Bidding and Contracting
•Comparative Cost Assistance
•Bill certification, quantity survey, extra item’s claims sorting, variance checking
•Material procurement and tracking
•Quality analysis and quality control
•Post contract management up to final commercial closure

Project Development.

Strategies for Effective Performance

MAK is committed to creating effective design and build solutions covering all phases of the project development i.e. pre-execution and post execution stages. MAK brings its clients vision, understanding and groundwork to every project in order to make it viable and effective.


•Feasibility study of project from construction perspective
•Analysis of cost sheet, boq, bid documents and contract awarded
•Examination design specification, plans, engineering activities, infrastructure
•Breakdown of approved plans up to working drawings (gfc) received
•Preparation of construction planning and scheduling

Execution till Completion:
•Well-set HSE management, QMS and QA QC program
•Adoption of suitable construction technology
•Application of disciplined process and methodology
•Monitoring of experts for cost control, cash flow and bill payment
•Excellent co-ordination with external and internal agencies on board
•Optimum utilization of construction machinery for execution
•Availability of well equipped & trained work force
•Transparent transactions from top to bottom
•Regulated flow of information and data control
•Certification of bills, work completion
•Commencement of project

Project Subsidies.

Don’t Miss, What’s Your Right!

Successful businesses bring a huge boost to the economy besides creating employment and contributing to the growth of the industry. The government announces various schemes and incentives to catalyze growth in certain sectors. MAK believes that businesses have a right to these benefits and should not miss out due to lack of information or understanding of the policies and paperwork involved.We focus on value addition to the project by facilitating businesses to leverage subsidies and fiscal benefits.


Services For Availing Subsidies:
•Project conceptualisation
•Project feasibility studies
•Diagnostic studies
•Detail Project Report
•Project approvals
•Project closure services
•Project specific liaisoning services
•Subsidy sanction & disbursement support
•Project implementation support
•Transaction advisory services

Ministries in Focus:
We work with the following Ministries:
Ministry of Textiles (MoT)
Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI)
Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)
Ministry of Tourism
Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers
Ministry of Agriculture (MOA)
Ministry of Commerce & Industry
Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation (HUPA)
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Railways
Ministry of Culture
Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
Ministry of Rural Development
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Project Funding.

Shaping Prosperity

We offer various funding services i.e. funding through Subsidies government grants and Debt Funding through financial institutions & banks by way of fund-based and non-fund based facilities. With expertisation across capital structuring, SPV formation and strategic tie-ups, our funding services vest entrepreneurs to surpass the most fundamental barrier in project development and thereby helps businesses flourish.


Project Finance
•SME sector
•Infrastructure sector
•Textile industry
•Education sector
•Other manufacturing and service sector projects
•Syndication of corporate loans

Fund based Facilities:
•Working capital/ Cash credit finance
•Term loan
•Export finance
•Pre-shipment finance
•Post-shipment finance
•Buyer’s credit
•Bridge loans
•Takeover of Existing Loans
•Loan Against Property (LAP)
•Loan against rent receivables
Non-fund based Facilities:
•Letter of credit
•Bank guarantee

Project Marketing.

The Thrust Behind Every Successful Projects

For Every Business, a well-marketed Project is the key to success. With a extreme understanding of markets, our rigorous marketing strategies and best investment practices, we are committed to make every project successful and viable with effective marketing practices. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that every project turns into a profitable venture for all our Clients.


•Gap analysis of demand and supply
•Market share and revenue forecasting
•Pricing and penetration strategy
•Option creation and evaluation for marketing mix
•Indoor and outdoor marketing collateral creation
•Formulation of the marketing strategy

•Identifying the right clients through marketing strategies
•Giving presentations and arranging site visits
•Structuring of deal with buyer
•Finalization of deals and closing

Transaction Management:
•Keeping a record of client transactions
•Arranging all required documents for inspection
•Ensuring both parties honour their commitments
•Preparation and execution of legal documents
•Registration of conveyance deed and/or lease deed
•Handing over for possession

Project Support.

Comprehensive Businesses Solutions

Basics like finances and the legal hassle should not turn into a difficulty for any business to grow. This is why MAK endeavours to provide the right backing to businesses and is fully-equipped to offer robust occupier services. From arranging for financial support and subsidies to licensing, MAK ensures hassle-free occupation of the property and acts as a catalyst for growth of businesses..


Registration & Licensing:
•Incorporation of private limited company
•Incorporation of public limited company
•Registration of partnership firms
•Limited liability partnership registration
•Trust deed registration

A. Long Term Finance •Project financing / term loan •Takeover of existing T.L.
B. Medium Term Finance •Liquirent loan •Mortgage loan / Loan against property
C. Short Term Finance •Cash credit / working capital loan •Takeover of existing C.C./ W.C.L. •Pre-shipment finance •Post-shipment finance •Opening of import L/C

Subsidies Support:
I. Central Govt. Subsidies
A. TUF Subsidy – Ministry of Textiles •20% margin money subsidy for Powerloom SSIs •15% margin money subsidy for SSI Textile and Jute sector •5% interest reimbursement plus 10% capital subsidy for Processing units •5% interest reimbursement plus 10% capital subsidy for Technical Textile units
B. MWS Subsidy - Ministry of Textile •40% front-end subsidy up to Rs.120/- per sq. ft. for work shed construction plus area allocated for weaving preparatory
II. Maharashtra State Govt. Subsidies
A. Package Scheme of Incentives (PSI) •Industry promotion subsidy •Interest subsidy •Exemption from electricity duty •Waiver of stamp duty •Refund of octroi •Other incentives for Micro, Small and Medium Manufacturing Enterprises •5% subsidy on capital equipment •50% subsidy on quality certification expenses •25% subsidy on cleaner production measures •50% subsidy on patent registration expenses
III. SSI Registration •Provisional SSI registration •Permanent SSI registration
IV. Maharashtra Pollution Control Board Consent •Consent to establish •Consent to operate/ renewal
V. Industrial Operation Support Services •Shop establishment registration •Sales tax registration •Income tax registration •Tax planning •Capital planning